Monday, June 27, 2011

Water Marble Manicure

Hello all!!

I'm back with a manicure I had done recently. The water marble technique that I had always wanted to try but I could never get up the energy to try it. It's not the kind of manicure that you can quickly do. It takes some serious prep work to pull off. I will link the video that helped me out the most.

You will need the following:

Scotch tape
ROOM temperature water
Multiple nail polishes
Q-tips and nail polish remover for touch ups.

A few tips that were helpful to me was to peel the tape on and off the back of my hand so it wasn't so hard to pull off after pulling out if the water.

Another was to use a paper cup because nail polish will collect on the sides of whatever container you use. So using a small paper cup is easy clean up.

You will also want to keep a paper towel near by to wipe whatever tool you are using to swirl the colors. It can be quite messy but keeping a paper towel on hand will def help keep the mess at a min.

Don't paint a top coat on right away because it might ruin the design that you've created. That was a mistake I made when I was practicing. It muddled the colors together and ruin some of the swirl.

Also, have fun with the base colors. Marbling options completely open up once you start playing with the base color.

My base color for this manicure was a light pink and I used various OPI polishes for the marbling but there was a teal, gray, fushia, baby blue, etc.

If you have tape, an old water bottle full of water, and some time to practice this is def something I think all nail buffs should try. It's a great way to use those polishes we all buy cuz they are trendy but get long forgotten. Watch jens video for the step by step. She inspired me to try it so hopefully everyone else checks it out!!

-Nicole :)

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