Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Inspiration: Pixie Lott

As 2011 approaches, I find myself needing to simplify things for day to day but playing it up more for nights out (does that make sense?) I have gotten so used to a "routine" that my day face and hair has become my go to for night and vice versa. I'm lost in a sea of smokey neutrals and loose waves. What a serious problem, right? Its rather silly but with all the product I've have been hoarding, I am not utilizing it properly.

Stumbling around on the Internet, I came across Pixie Lott and am obsessed with her look. I feel the need for a center part, sparkly pantie shorts and winged liner. Well, maybe not the sparkly bloomers but I am definitely going to head in this direction for 2011.



Sunday, December 26, 2010

Review: Its a Ten Miracle leave in treatment

Hello All!

Well, after a year of not even logging into this blog, I have decided to start showing it some love. Lately I have purchased some items that I am completely obsessed with and I have no outlet to pour my love for them into.

Which leads me back to the blogging world. My first post back will be an absolute RAVE of the "Its a Ten Miracle Leave in Treatment"

The Claims:

1.) Repairs dry damaged hair
2.) Adds shine
3.) Smoothes & controls frizz
4.) Seals & protects hair color
5.) Detangles
6.) Prevents split ends
7.) Stops hair breakage
8.) Creates Silkiness
9.) Enhances natural body
10.) Flat iron spray & thermal protector

I love, love, love this stuff. I work in a hair salon and have access to high end hair products such as Goldwell products, KMS California, Aquage and MoroccanOil. I can get these products at cost but still they are more pricey than items I am used to using. I could not bring myself to commit to a whole bottle of MoroccanOil and tried the One and Only Argan Oil from Sally's. Even though I enjoyed that product, it was a smidge messy and I didn't like the fact I couldn't quickly apply it. I would have to take the time to wash my hands and even then I was left with residue which would get on my blow dryer and brush, etc.

I have always been interested in trying "Its a Ten" and recently through our product rep at work, I got a small bottle to try out (we do not carry the brand in our salon.) I had read a few reviews that boosted that it made their hair feel "thicker." While I have long and thick hair already, since it is layered, the ends tend to feel rather thin if worn straight.

After showering and prior to blow drying, I applied a few squirts throughout the ends and mid shaft. First off, the smell is amazing. It smells similar to a Ralph Lauren perfume in "Ralph" which is very pleasant. The consistency of a light spray however opening the cap, it is a thick liquid, almost like a thin conditioner (it is very hard to shake in the bottle.) Second, it did make my hair very manageable and detangled it very quick. After blow drying was finished, my hair was so bouncy and had so much body. The claims of split end prevention and protection of hair color will more so be noticed over time, however, since it delivers immediately on most the claims I believe it will do everything it claims to.

All and all, I think this is a must for all ladies. Especially those who use heat on their locks. I will never be without this item and would suggest it to everyone, even over the MoroccanOil Oil treatment. Ladies who dislike to use a lot of products would benefit from this because it does 10 things for hair that are beneficial long term and it is so easy to use. There is no risk of using to much and ending up looking AND feeling like an oil slick.

Its worth the price (it is also cheaper than most high end styling products that are only one purpose items.)
It delivers on all claims.
Smells Amazing.
Easy to use.


Thanks for reading!