Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Inspiration: Pixie Lott

As 2011 approaches, I find myself needing to simplify things for day to day but playing it up more for nights out (does that make sense?) I have gotten so used to a "routine" that my day face and hair has become my go to for night and vice versa. I'm lost in a sea of smokey neutrals and loose waves. What a serious problem, right? Its rather silly but with all the product I've have been hoarding, I am not utilizing it properly.

Stumbling around on the Internet, I came across Pixie Lott and am obsessed with her look. I feel the need for a center part, sparkly pantie shorts and winged liner. Well, maybe not the sparkly bloomers but I am definitely going to head in this direction for 2011.



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